Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Easter Time - What a wonderfull time !

- Follow the White Rabbit -

Easter was really realxing for me. I had the week end off, worked on monday then 2 more days off. I am fully prepared for the upcoming days. It was really great compare to last year. 

Saturday I had the pleasure to take part in one of our workshop at work (Cath Kidston Piccadilly) and it was amazing. It was a Floral arrangement workshop and I learned a lot. My wedding is coming in a month now and I have learned few tips to take care myself of my wedding flowers so it was a really clever workshop. The lady of  Battersea Flower Station was lovely and really pleasant. The flowers (which I cannot still name because I am a lost cause when it comes to flowers) were incredible and so great for that easter week end. Even If that is not the colors I have chosen for my wedding it's definetly the flowers I want so that was really convenient. At the end I went home with a mug (yup a cath kidston stanley size mug) full of my sweet bouquet of flowers and a lemonade. My co-worker and amazing event and marketing assistant Jazmine was a star. Our workshops are free so it's a real plus, what more can you want to Brighten up your day ? Oh yes maybe pictures, see below.

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- Bonus Picture - 
Me and Jo My Store Manager featured on the official instragram of Cath Kidston.

Friday, 11 April 2014

Let's Party Like it's 1995

Last friday OMG they were back again. I had the blast of my life (Until my Wedding Day of course calm down). Yes you heard correctly, I saw the Backstreet Boys at the O2 a week ago. How can I explain my feelings ? Well I was 15 again and it was just amazing. To be fair, I know that you are probably laughing at me right now but I don't care because this group is a huge part of my life and I assume it no matter what. So it was 2 hours and a half of pure '90 songs and new one. I have a couple of pictures for you guys to enjoy so have fun! You will see they are just awesome. I was close to the stage "lucky me" but not enough "too bad" but that's alright because Nick Carter will be mine next time. Yeah I wish...;)


Thursday, 3 April 2014


                                                       - Choose to be Happy -

Lately life has been kind with me. I cannot be happier and healthy in my mind. But someone told me one day that Happiness is a choice. Of course life is not black or white, some events may change our choices. Nevertheless we have to grab every moment and make it a happy memory. The silver linnings are in every steps we take and being aware of that is a huge achievement. So let's make a positive post and I want you guys, whoever you are to take a moment and write down 7 things that makes you happy. 


1. Baking, because I can be creative and see smiles on people faces when they taste it.
2. Photos, because they are memories.
3. Carousels, because it is my childhood and they just make me smile.
4. The people I love, because without them I wouldn't be who I am.
5. The color mint, because it represent spring and beautiful warm days.
6. Pancakes, because they are confy food for when I am sad.
7. Music, because I can loose myself.