Wednesday, 26 March 2014

I'm Getting Married

It's a Vintage Fun Fair theme - let's have it Mint & Coral

Right so if you follow me on instagram you already know the news. But if you are new around, yup that's true in less than two month I am going to be a married Lady. The big day is coming pretty fast, I am going to said yes to mister Y the 24th of May in my hometown in France. It's not a big budget wedding, thanks God but still. Me and my other half are together for many years now so it's just another way to say "I Love You" to each other and get our families together. Plus, being far away from home is not an easy thing to cop with everyday so I think that this wedding is something that everyone close to us needed to have. 

I am going to have a "Vintage Fun Fair" theme, again we don't have any budget so it's just bits and bumps here and there. Even if it's not a big thing that will be our day, it need to be special in a way so I wanted to personalize it a little bit. In France we don't do theme, we have strong traditions but we don't like to spend money on things that we don't need so it's a bit hard to explain to my family that yes I want a theme and yes I want a certain kind of decorations. So I have to breathe everyday very deeply and deal with my sister, my best friend and of course my Mom. My Dad is not very happy, not because he doesn't like my other half, no no! Because as he said "I pay for the venue, deal with the rest, I don't want to hear anything". So yeah, getting married is not easy because everyone try to get involved in any way possible and so that is a big mess at the end.

But you know what, I am a happy Woman. They are all out of control but who cares, that's part of it otherwise there is no fun at all. So now about the details, I am getting a mint dress, it's a really stunning dress, I can't wait to wear it on that day, it was hard to find it but Horrrray! Mister Y got his suit, a grey one with mint touch everywhere. I still need to find my shoes though. We have got pretty much everything. The invitations are sent and the wedding favors all ready for me to fill out with marshmallows when I arrived (yeahhh 50 mini jar to fill !!! can't wait!).

I will try to make another wedding post in a month. I hope to get my shoes by that time. I am looking for mint one with heels of course and a vintage touch, any ideas ? I am deseparte, oh and not expensive please. Me difficult ? Nah just a Bridezilla ;)


Saturday, 22 March 2014

My Wishlist in Mint

Let is Mint!

Happy Saturday everyone! Well I am off to work very soon but before that I wanted to share with you my latest crush in terms of fashion. I am addicted to the color Mint and lately many brands are really too sassy with me. Mint is everywhere, one of my favourite brand "Fossil" is going all minty for their spring collection and my God too bad I am broke right now but payday is next week so let's see what I can offer myself. You will find all the links below if you fancy as well one of those minty gorgeous item.


Checked shirt
$45 -

Dune flower flat
$91 -

Fossil key chain

Paper wall art


$63 -

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Birmingham - A day Out in Nowhere -

- When there is nothing to say - It's better to say nothing -

Tuesday was a day out in Birmingham. Ok it wasn't the blast I was expecting but still I always try to see the bright side of every situation so in that case let's say that I took amazing pictures. I am not going to make a long post about that city (or town depend how you see it) because there is nothing much to say. The only thing there is the shopping center called the "bullring" but let's be honest, we have way better shops in London! But if you walk a little bit you can discover a lot of amazing places to take pictures. There is like a "student" area full of surprises so I let you enjoy the pictures. And if you are curious I went to Birmingham because the tickets were so cheap (50p return) so why not.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Review Time : The Grand Budapest Hotel

Review : The Grand Budapest Hotel

I just love watching movies. It's one of my favourite hobby. So movie reviews is something you will find quite often here.

So we went (with Mister Y) to see the latest Wes Anderson movie "The Grand Budapest Hotel". In one word it was "amazing" but there is way more to say about it.

I just love Wes Anderson his movies are unique and always unusual. No one can give that guy a movie genre. Personnaly I will just describe it as "a tale within a tale within a tale". So a quite big organised mess.

This movie is just a blast. It's really hard to find a short summary. So I will just put the Imdb one.

"The adventures of Gustave H, a legendary concierge at a famous European hotel between the wars, and Zero Moustafa, the lobby boy who becomes his most trusted friend."

I just love the choice of actors. It was suprising in a way because the choice of Adrien Brody or Willem Dafoe for example is unsual (even though those actors are very good) but still the usual actors have small parts. Our lead character is Ralph Fiennes as "Monsieur Gustave" and that is such a pleasure. He is a gifted actor, I didn't know until now that he was so funny. It's a shame that most of the people know him only for his role of Voldermort in Harry Potter.

Now the story is a bit of everything. It's a tale, a thriller but also an epic movie. I love the fact Mr Anderson has his own world. The characters act like they are coming from a cartoon sometimes so it is quite well done. Also a big applause to the director of photography. The colors and the way it is filmed is just mesmerising.

To  be honest with you guys I think that this movie is my favorite Wes Anderson movie. Until now my all time favorite was the "Life Aquatic" but I think now all my heart goes for this one. I will rate it 10/10 for sure if I had to. Really it's a master piece and it deserve some awards.


Wednesday, 12 March 2014

My first Event - What a Blast!

So yesterday was double big day for me. We had a house warming party at my job in Cath Kidston (Yup I am a Cath Kidston Girl!) so this is the first big event, the launch of the new Safari collection was a real big deal so apparently we did good and everything was appreciated so well done to us.

But the other big event yesterday was that my own company "Allie's Cupcakes" was officialy launched at the same time. My lovely management team agreed to let me bring cupcakes as long as they were safari themed. So I made Giraffe - Lemon cupcakes, Zebra - chocolate cupcakes and pink polka dots - vanilla cupcakes to brighten up a bit those safari colors! Mini Cupcakes were also served as they are really appreciated at parties as well. 

It was overall a success for both event, my cupcakes were gone in less than 2 hours. I had conversations with a lot of lovely customers about the brand and my cakes and a bunch of business cards were taken so Allie is a Happy Allie right now. I couldn't be more happy right one. It's a lot of work but when you see that on instragram more than 600 persons liked your cupcakes picture, well it's a blast!


Saturday, 8 March 2014

Battersea...Love it or Hate it !

Today was a Lazy day. I have spent my two days off working on several coming stuff. Like for example an House Warming event at work, yup I have to bake cupcakes and it is going to be Safari style so no time to rest at all. So today with Mr Y we have decided to be lazy. Our first stop was for a fish and chips and some italian meat in London Bridge because no one can beat the Borough Market, then we had a walk around Battersea area to finally arrived in Sloane Square to enjoy a Drink. Love those days off where you have nothing to do than enjoy life and Sun, because yes guys the sun was out in London today and as a bonus the weather was around 15°. Nothing more to say, I have to go to bed and die because I am exhausted. 


Thursday, 6 March 2014

Welcome to my world.

Hello World!

Well it's really hard to know exactly what to say. A first post is so important. What can I say ? Let's start with an easy one. My name is Allie, I am 27 and I currently live in London, almost 3 years in the big city! I love it and enjoy every minute. I can also add the fact that I am french so that made things a little bit more exciting no ? If not well, deal with it because I cannot change that fact. 

I am also a Baker and I work at the same time for a really lovely company. I am going to keep the mystery on that one because I cannot tell all my secrets at once. Let's say to describe me that I am a really bubbly blonde with a lot of energy, ambition and crazy ideas. I love baking pastries of course, my main specialities are cupcakes, cookies, madeleines and cakes in general. 

So this blog is about my life in London, my passions, my discoveries about the city and a lot of personal stuff. For example ? Well I am getting married in May to my beloved half that we are going to call Mister Y. We are going to celebrate 8 years of love with family and friends in the south of France, but again let's keep some fun and mystery for another article.

I am also a big fan of Music, Cinema, photography, art and dolls. Let me guess, you are currently wondering "wait, what, dolls ???" yeah, but it is probably not what you are expecting. So you are going to find this blog maybe a bit of mess, a bit eccentric or maybe a bit crazy but that will describe me. I am like that, me, Allie, 27 and ready to discover the world.

So be ready, Allie is ready for her big comeback and it is going to be loud.